clothing sizeBuying clothes online or offline is a pleasant experience, but only when you are satisfied with the result. In other words, when your freshly purchased garment fits you perfectly. Otherwise all your money spent upon new outfit is absolutely wasted. But that’s not your case, is it? Since you have visited our website, all of your purchases will only bring you happiness and amazing style.

You know why? Because here you will get all the necessary information about the main factor of buying clothes. We are talking about the size!

Guide men's sizes

Men’s Underwear Sizes

There's no argument that women's underwear turns a lot more heads than men's underwear - for obvious reasons - but you can't deny the...

Men’s Pants Sizes

Pants are probably the most versatile piece of clothing for men. They match with pretty much everything from your wardrobe, be it a 1-dollar...

Men’s Clothing Sizes Guide

It doesn't matter if you're a casual fella from next door with a basic salary or a big-time businessman in a fancy suit. If...


It’s impossible to buy the fitting clothes if you don’t know your clothing size. The main difficulty here is the fact that every country and almost every shop in your town has their own size system. You can have size 10 in one boutique and size 6 or 8 in another.
But that’s not a reason for being sad, because our size guide will help you! It covers size systems of many shops and countries, so you will only have to find your body measurements and then the corresponding size on our size charts. It’s extremely easy to use it, just try yourself!

Taking Men’s Measurements

It’s impossible to buy good clothes or get them tailored without knowing body measurements. That equally concerns women and men. Here we tell you...

Guide women's sizes

Women’s Clothing Sizes

A good garment should always ensure a consistent and comfortable fit. It’s possible to  get when you know your size. You simply choose the...

Women’s T-shirt Sizes

A T-shirt is an extremely popular item of clothes. Any girl looks charming if she’s wearing a stylish tee, that fits her perfectly. But...

Panties Size

Perfect lingerie fits well and looks good. You feel comfortable and confident when you are wearing a fitting bra and underpants. If your underwear...

How to Take Measurements (for Women)

When you choose some new clothes, you definitely want to look great. So you want your new dress, or blouse, or skirt to fit...


You probably have no idea what body measurements you have. In this case you’d better begin with finding this out, because our size chars are based upon those parameters. If you don’t know how to do that correctly, our detailed measurement guide will give you the full and comprehensive instruction.

You will know how to measure your bust, hips and waist. Moreover, you will be able to make the right measurements for buying trousers, lingerie and shoes. You just need a measurement tape and our guide, but if you will have someone to take all your measurements for you, that will even be better!

Guide children's sizes


Our website is equally useful for women and men, because our articles and guides cover clothes for everyone. If you have children, you definitely want them to be dressed well. Buying clothes for kids is as complicated as choosing clothes for adults, and our website is your loyal assistant here as well! Our size charts for children are based upon their weight, height and age. We have size charts separately for babies, toddlers and teenagers, for boys and girls.
Welcome to our size guide, created especially for you! You will find all the information, which will help you to choose the perfectly fitting clothes!